How heavy is it when you clock who an anon is ahahahahahaa

Anonymous asked:
im a different anon but, are you a virgin or not? because if you are then you claim to like sex when you never had it.

I’m not a virgin no but I haven’t slept with a lot of people.

heter-no asked:
To that fucking anon, who the fuck do you think you are talking to her as if she's easy? You have no idea you fucking blert, come off anon and speak to her rather than being on anon? You're a fucking nob'ed and Amy isn't easy? You major major major BLERT GET AWAY YOU RUNT

This is me princess

Anonymous asked:
Well to be honest you're what, 14 and you fucking sleep with anyone.

Hahahahha omg who are you do you even know me wtf get your facts right please
G’wed, come off anon xo

Anonymous asked:
If you want my actual opinion you're a little easy. Seems like you've given it away to anyone who's asked....

If you mean in having sex with people then, you obviously don’t know me well at all haha~

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